Russian Federal Service for Supervision in the IT Sphere (Roskomnazdor) demanded Google to exclude threats against Russians from its services

It is required to remove the hint with “dead Russians” from the translator

Roskomnadzor demanded that Google immediately exclude “threats” against Russians from the company’s services. Russian Federal Service for Supervision also requires an explanation of the reasons for their appearance. Earlier, a violation was revealed in the work of the Google.Translate service, which could be regarded as a manifestation of hostility towards the Russians.

The service, when entering the phrase “dear russians” for translation, suggested that Russian users replace it with a translation of the phrase “dead russians”. For search queries mentioning other nationalities, this was not allowed.

On April 2, the Roskomnadzor reports that the YouTube video hosting (owned by Google) is not fighting the spread of extremist information with calls for unlawful actions against civilians and the military of the Russian Federation. According to the Roskomnadzor, video hosting also does not restrict the materials of a number of extremist organizations.

On April 7, the Roskomnadzor banned Google from advertising its resources in Russia. As the Roskomnadzor explained, the restriction is connected with numerous violations by the corporation of Russian legislation.


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