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  • Gitaar Effect Pedaal Setup 40X13 CM DIY Gitaar Pedaal Met Magic Tape muziekinstrument Accessoire Voor Verkoop
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Gitaar Effect Pedaal Setup 40X13 CM DIY Gitaar Pedaal Met Magic Tape muziekinstrument Accessoire Voor Verkoop



  • Grootte Van Het Pakket: 60cm x 40cm x 15cm (23.62in x 15.75in x 5.91in)
  • Eenheid Type: stuk
  • Pakket Gewicht: 0.5kg (1.10lb.)

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Nieuw en van hoge kwaliteit.

Dit pedaal is erg goed voor kleinere pedaal configuraties, kunnen passen voor vier normale grootte gitaar effect pedalen.

Het zal komen met magic tape voor houden pedalen, kabelbinders, kabel clips.

U kan op uw kabels zeer eenvoudig.

Mededelingen: De producten die niet zijn opgenomen in de pedalen.

Pakket Inbegrepen:

1 stuk-Effect Pedaal.

  • Model Aantal: RD-3 Effect Pedaal
  • Type: Effect Pedaal
  • Merknaam: De Heer De Macht
arrive in projection time!! no DETAILS, tal what the Indicates supplier. happy buy.
Desantnik Sana
Absolutely wonderful pedalboard! Everything about it is great! This is my second such pedalboard (this time a smaller one), so I can say already from my experience that it's roadworthy, overall very good quality, the bag is nice too! The only thing the bag could have are some sort of metal rings on sides for shoulder strap to carry the bag with the board on your shoulder. Other than that minor wish it's very-very good, at a very good price and definitely worth bying! Big thanks to the seller, everything is great!
Board is of excellent quality. I can fit 4 boss size pedals and a kokko micro pedal on it no problem. Comes with plenty of adhesive backed hook and loop fastener for any pedals you might want to keep on the board plus enough spare to keep a few more pedals ready to swap into service whenever you like. The gap in the middle of the board allows you to keep all the cables nice and tidy and the included cable ties and velcro straps are an added bonus. I didn't end up using them, but it's great to have them in case I need them at some stage in the future. Delivery was quite slow, but this was over the Christmas period, so some delays were to be expected.
all excellent!! excellent quality, fast shipping board very comfortable! рекоменду

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