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  • Aiyima PCM2706 ES9023 USB Audio DAC geluidskaart Decoder Raad HI-FI Nul Ruis I2S-Decodering
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Aiyima PCM2706 ES9023 USB Audio DAC geluidskaart Decoder Raad HI-FI Nul Ruis I2S-Decodering


  • Grootte Van Het Pakket: 10cm x 10cm x 5cm (3.94in x 3.94in x 1.97in)
  • Pakket Gewicht: 0.08kg (0.18lb.)
  • Eenheid Type: stuk

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Product beschrijving: Technische Parameters: USB verwerking van de chip met behulp van PCB2706 I2S decoder chip met behulp van ES9023 met Behulp van 12M actieve crystal 5V voeding met USB-poort, geen externe voeding Rechtstreeks driver impedantie 8-160Ω hoofdtelefoon Absoluut geen lawaai Grootte van het Product: 94 * 50mm Pakket inbegrepen: 1PC PCM2706 ES9023 USB-Audio DAC-geluidskaart-Decoder

  • Pakket: Ja
  • Model Aantal: PCM2706
  • Merknaam: Aiyima
  • Maximaal Vermogen Per Kanaal: GEEN ENKELE MACHT
  • kanalen: 1
parcel, train very long, connected to a computer running, тестировал until the отпишусь later.
Brayan Picis3
well-plays listened output jack 3.5 dac. low cut прорисовываются dignified звуковыхи compared with, built-in материнку desktop pc. детальность transparency and appeared, fitting for more than 1 mp machine. hope long проработает :)) вин7 определила itself, потребовались driver.
Elbebericardo 15
Excellent audio output. Very clean (no EM noise) and "surgical" sound signature (good at every frequency, no particular frequency affinity, a typical behavior from the ESS9023 DAC). The build quality is excellent too. I greatly recommend this product for audio enthusiasts on a budget. ///Tested with Philips Fidelio X2 headphones (+250$, fabulous sound).///
Very accurate and fast !
Prieto Nilo
play beautiful. traditionally high quality. brass стоечки included. safe packing. shipping kiev 14 days. the seller is very decent and can recommend to-fitting. -seller thank you!

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