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  • ETH mijnwerkers (met i3 cpu)moederbord 8 grafische kaart op het moederbord groot bord 6 7 8 GPU KAARTEN Beter dan H81 Pro BTC raad
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ETH mijnwerkers (met i3 cpu)moederbord 8 grafische kaart op het moederbord groot bord 6 7 8 GPU KAARTEN Beter dan H81 Pro BTC raad


  • Pakket Gewicht: 2.0kg (4.41lb.)
  • Eenheid Type: stuk
  • Grootte Van Het Pakket: 35cm x 25cm x 5cm (13.78in x 9.84in x 1.97in)

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1. Moederbord * 1 + Intel I3 CPU + FAN

met: i 3 >> 2.1 G cpu

geleverd. Geen batterij.

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Product Beschrijving

CPU interface type: PGA988 INTEL-chip: Intel HM70 / 75/76/77 Merk: yanrui / onderzoek Rui werknemers Control model: HM7X-BTC Type Pakket: Pakket 2 Support Network Card Hoeveelheid: Één kaart object : Desktop-CPU type: IntelIntel CPU interface: Socket G2 (notebook) opbouw Moederborden: Micro ATX ondersteuning display output: Ondersteuning van display-interface: VGA Multi-Graphics Support: CrossFire & SLI Type Geheugen: DDR3 geheugen kanaal: Dual channel maximale geheugen capaciteit: 16G of ter ondersteuning van disk arrays: niet ondersteunen baby fijnheid: nieuw

Houdt u gebruik maken van intel-1150 Beugel van de ventilator

Intel HM70 / 75/76/77 chipset PGA988 grote raad, steun 8 grafische kaarten, de mijnbouw speciale moederbord. Pakket 1, geleverd met een Pentium-2G of hogere frequentie pakket 2, geleverd met i3-2.1 G of hogere frequentie let op: geen geld, alleen het plaatsen van bestellingen, MOQ 20PCS

  • Producten Status: Voorraad
  • Merknaam: kuangcheng
  • Model Aantal: HM7X-BTC 8PCIE
Nino Gachava777
excellent board i3-233 sendy bridge on, hm65, bios settings in bulk, filling good. and ssd оперативу put, шустро and economical. for office and i would советовал such problems, excellent assembly. just see photo примятый проца radiator, work is not affected.
K Cassidy
молодец seller. sent fast, fast shipping shipped by dhl, not the my favorite, based on previous orders. if anyone in the orders kazakhstan, recommend ems shipping. parcel вручении immediately when unpacked. with two boxes as boards, film пупырчатой обёрнуты were, not seen external damage. thanks to seller, обернул that, would поломанные board or. enough motherboard good quality. after the whole make it dhl, ways of said have. board two checked, work. 8 slots all checked one pcie work. once while second check check later. if отпишусь seller. seller service will enjoy in the future. ask it to the next антивандальную board in package box, their смогла dhl service to even damage.
Pasha Smorodinov
Seller good. Motherboard work fine with 1080Tix2 +1080x4. But I dont know how to organize work it with 7 or 8 videoadapters on Win7-64. I danced around under shaman songs but it did not help me))) I something can not understand. Seller told me I should to install Win-10. Will try it later. By the way, not order SPSR-Express to Russia. Any but not them. They are VERY slowly. Like a turtle. May be they transportation cargo by airship or by crow or by rickshaw. May be parcel going step by step itself, scramble thru siberian taiga, snow and wind, I dont know. And customs clearance is made by a third party - OOO Opinter. In real transportation of cargo is carried out by DPD. I think seller and Aliexpress even don't know about it. Seller packed my order VERY good and I thank him for it. Seller wonderful, really)

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