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  • WS009 Echte snake lederen riem voor schoen, bruine kleur snake leder
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WS009 Echte snake lederen riem voor schoen, bruine kleur snake leder


  • Eenheid Type: stuk
  • Pakket Gewicht: 0.2kg (0.44lb.)
  • Grootte Van Het Pakket: 15cm x 5cm x 5cm (5.91in x 1.97in x 1.97in)

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Dit is echt de slang de huid, geverfd in deze kleur.

De dikte van 0.3 mm.

De lengte is 90--100cm.

De breedte is 7-9cm.

  • Grootte: 10cm*120cm
magnificent goods! material, look, smell all perfect! defects is, but not значительны (small spot and fracture in)! thank you so much additional order and the seller! order more'll!
Jdanielh 1
skin great everything okay thanks for the gift I order another
seller choice shop a really cute girl! bought such skinless for the first time, so it is exotic to me. interesting, beautiful, each has its unique no pattern, well and тощи gloss. genuine leather smell, what real, is no. i делала big order, very good quality multiple color put me gift шкурок (blue, brown and pink) all about 40 cm. it is very nice and happy. i also can make шкурок because of gifts for their loved ones, passport cover on. more made today one order, look'll waiting! to seller good luck, and family business booming prosperity!
My experience with snakeskin was absolutely nothing!!!For first look and touch looks like a thin glossy paper,but I cut-off a little piece and burn with lighter. Its a real dyed snakeskin.Water snake lat. (Enhydris). Thanks to seller for ultra fast shipping and gift!!! I will order more ..........

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