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  • WORKPRO 16 in1 Multi Tools Tang Rvs Tang Outdoor Camping-Tool met Mes, Schaar Zag Schroevendraaier
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WORKPRO 16 in1 Multi Tools Tang Rvs Tang Outdoor Camping-Tool met Mes, Schaar Zag Schroevendraaier



  • Pakket Gewicht: 0.5kg (1.10lb.)
  • Grootte Van Het Pakket: 15cm x 10cm x 4cm (5.91in x 3.94in x 1.57in)
  • Eenheid Type: stuk

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Handvat en Componenten Materiaal: Roestvrij staal 16-in-1 Functie: lange neus tang kniptang gebogen bek tang hang gat, blikopener draad stripper kruiskopschroevendraaier gekarteld mes zag, hard-wire cutters mes bestand platte schroevendraaier (M) platte schroevendraaier (L) ruimer fles opener

  • DIY Levert: Elektrische
  • Materiaal: Roestvrij Staal
  • Merknaam: WORKPRO
  • Toepassing: Multi Functioneel
  • Handvat Stijl: rechte
  • Tang Stijl: American
  • Kenmerken: Multifunctionele
  • Model Aantal: W014070AE
  • Type: Lange Neus
about shipping mk three weeks. packaging is good. item matches the description. this мультитула after another firm, abysmal's who, and i was ready moral разочароваться it, however удивлён nice was. flaws лишена собрата young fully model, though there обошлось not косяков without. excellent workmanship details and fit, chinese manufacturers washer compression true not learned to, after opening tools one of so unit, hold it only power on all other friction, ручках затяжкой adjustable screw in. are normal last locks, clear and no such let & comfortable, лезермана like. сложновато оттягивать мультитуле lock closed on one hand. tool self decent, sharpening factory вменяемая present, normal now bottle shape, only подкачал слабовата насечка-file, especially "hacksaw" on the butt.
As usual: excellent quality for that price! Very strong tool, right mounted and sharped. Fits my hand weared in bold work glove.
This multitool is just fire the quality is great, and the knife is sharp enough. I'm super satisfied.

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